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Celestron CG-5 Type Mounts
8" Flat Surface Adapter Kit for Celestron CG-5 Type Mounts

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35 Day Lead Time
35 Day Lead Time
This kit combines our CG-5 adapter with a set of 4" risers and a shorty knob. It may be mounted to an existing pier top plate, including Dan's 12" pier top plates as well as heavy duty tripods that utilize the hole pattern for Meade and Celestron SCT telescopes. Refer to the installation diagram for mounting requirements. The CG-5 Adapter is also compatible with other legacy CG-5 clones that use a center bolt with 3/8" UNC threads. See our compatibility list below. Note that by itself, it doesn't provide any method of leveling which must be done by the pier top plate or tripod.
Mounted on Existing Pier Top Flat Surface

Mounted on 12" Pier Top Plate

8" CG-5 Adapter Kit for Flat Surfaces
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12" Pier Top Plate Combo for CG-5 Type Mounts
8" Pier Top Plate Combo for CG-5 Type Mounts
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8" FSA Kit for CG-5 Mounts Includes:
  ) 8" Diameter CG-5 Adapter Plate
  ) Stainless Steel Center Bolt (Short Version)
  ) 4" Risers with Stainless Steel Hardware
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