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Building an 8" pier for smaller telescopes
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12" Concrete Piers
Vixen SXD Mount
12" Pier Top Plate Combo for Vixen SXD Mount
Installation Diagram
This kit combines our standard 12" pier top plate with our 8" adapter for the Vixen SXD mount. The SXD adapter mounts to the 12" plate with shoulder bolts from underneath. The SXD adapter uses a center bolt with M10 threads. The 8" SXD Adapter kit may also be purchased separately.

This combination may also be purchased with our 3/4" stainless steel anchor bolt kit.
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8" Pier Top Plate Combo for Vixen SXD Mount
  ) Vixen SXD Mount
  ) 12" Diameter 1-1/2" Thick Pier Top Plate
  ) Unthreaded Center Insert
  ) 8" Diameter SXD Adapter Plate
  ) Stainless Steel Shoulder Screws
  ) Stainless Steel Center Bolt Assembly
  ) Stainless Steel Azimuth Control Pin
International and Custom Orders
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Ordering Information Amount USA Shipping Lead Time
12" Pier Top Plate + SXD Adapter $550.00 $45.00 15 Weeks
12" Pier Top Plate + SXD Adapter +
3/4" Anchor Bolt Kit

$623.00 $62.00 15 Weeks
8" SXD Adapter Kit $199.00 $17.00 15 Weeks