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Building an 8" pier for smaller telescopes
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12" Concrete Piers
Takahashi EM-400 Mount
12" Pier Top Plate Combo for Takahashi EM-400 Mount
Installation Diagram
** Requires the Takahashi TPA0400
          Adapter (not included)
This kit combines our standard 12" pier top plate with our 8" adapter for the Takahashi EM-400 mount. The EM-400 adapter mounts to the 12" plate with shoulder bolts from underneath. The EM-400 adapter works in conjunction with the Takahashi TPA0400 adapter (available separately from Takahashi). The 8" EM-400 Adapter kit may also be purchased separately.

This combination may also be purchased with our 3/4" stainless steel anchor bolt kit.
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8" Pier Top Plate Combo for Takahashi EM-400 Mount
Additional Images
  ) Takahashi EM-400 Mount**
  ) 12" Diameter 1-1/2" Thick Pier Top Plate
  ) Unthreaded Center Insert
  ) 8" Diameter EM-400 Adapter Plate
  ) Stainless Steel Shoulder Screws
International and Custom Orders
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Ordering Information Amount USA Shipping Lead Time
12" Pier Top Plate + EM-400 Adapter $529.00 $45.00 15 Weeks
12" Pier Top Plate + EM-400 Adapter +
3/4" Anchor Bolt Kit

$602.00 $62.00 15 Weeks
8" EM-400 Adapter Kit $177.00 $17.00 15 Weeks