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Building an 8" pier for smaller telescopes
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5/8" x 12" L-Style Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt Kit
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This kit consists of the anchor bolts, nuts and washers needed to mount our 8" Pier Top Plate and Combos to a concrete pier. It also includes a set of neoprene rubber washers to aid in isolating vibrations as well protecting the 8" plate from scratches. Made of stainless steel, this hardware will resist corrosion far better than plain steel could ever do.

Note: Currently our anchor bolts are all threaded.
5/8" L-Style Anchor Bolt Kit
3/4" x 12" L-Style Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt Kit
5/8" x 14" Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Anchor Kit
  ) (3) 5/8-11 x 12" Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts
  ) (6) 5/8-11 Stainless Steel Jamb Nuts
  ) (6) MS-820 Stainless Steel Washers
  ) (6) Neoprene Washers
  ) Dan's 8" Pier Top Base Plate
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5/8" x 12" L-Style SS Anchor Bolt Kit $55.00 $17.00 1 Week